Alongside Acupuncture, herbal medicine is the other major pillar of Chinese medicine. Herbal preparations have long been used in China, and there is evidence from as far back as 2000 BC of a shamanic culture that used plant, mineral, and animal substances to treat ailments.
The Chinese approach to healing, although  appears to be very different,  shares the same underlying sets of assumptions about the nature of the human body and its place in the universe.
It is only common sense to wonder why the insertion of fine needles into a variety of points of the body often bearing no obvious relationship to the actual problem can have such a dramatic effect , especially in cases of fertility which is our speciality.
Yet, in all cases, the proof is there in terms of symptomatic relief and improved health and well-being. Often a more balanced view of life in general is a result of practising these therapies.

Prepared Herbals
"All our herbs are now in easy to take capsules so no need to boil them. Our herbal prescription are concentrated for maximum effect to treat your specific needs."
Irelands  Specialist in NLP and Traditional Chinese Medicine
"Great souls have wills;feeble ones have only wishes."
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