Pain and Skin Relief Creams
Frequently asked questions
How quickly can I see results using Skin Releif Cream               Results vary but in general results start within two to three days in the case of psoriasis.  
Are the any harmful drugs or steroids in your creams                                      No are creams are 100% DRUG AND STEROID FREE.               
How much does a jar cost                                                               30 euro per unit we offer discounts on two or more jars.
Do you offer back up services                                                        Yes we offer backup and help to get you the results.              
Can the cream help all red inflammed skin conditions                             Any type of inflammation is treatable
How does it help my arthritus                                                 It helps in that it reduces the inflamation/swelling and reduces the pain                                 
Can the Pain Relief Cream help my varicose veins                      Sadly not as yet but we are working on finding a precription for you.
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